UNI EN ISO 9001:2008
Certificato nr 50 100 13326
MAZZONETTO GINO S.r.l. has been on the electro-extrusion and drop-forging industry since 1967. Our premises cover a total area of 4,000 sqm.

Over the last forty years on the market, we have gathered remarkable experience in electro-extrusion and moulding all kinds of customised leading-edge steel products and solutions (carbon-steel, case hardening steel, nitrided steel, hardening and tempering steel, stainless steel etc).

Alongside forging, we also perform mechanical machining operations (turning, milling, drilling, threading etc) and thermal processes: hardening, tempering, annealing etc alongside various sandblasting operations.

Our production cycle includes various tests - chemical, magnetic, ultrasound, dimensional and hardness tests - aimed at ensuring compliance with the required standards.

MAZZONETTO GINO S.r.l. designs and manufactures CAD/CAM based forged products in-house, using cutting edge technology with robotised systems.
In addition, thanks to our Quality Assurance System, we are authorised to issue compliance reports in accordance with the UNI-EN-ISO-9001:2008 international standards.

We manufacture and export safety devices worldwide including the USA and Canada. Such devices bear a traceability mark and we store all the relative documents for at least ten years.

MAZZONETTO GINO Srl strives to grow both in terms of technology and quality, widening its market horizons both In Italy and abroad.

Currently we have 11 forging lines covering a wide range of products, which come in the following sizes:
3 mm minimum diameter
90 mm maximum diameter
3,000 mm maximum length with 8 12 mm diameter;
6,000 mm maximum length with 14 30 mm diameter;
3,000 mm maximum length with 32 90 mm diameter;

During forging operations, the head may approximately measure 250 mm and weigh 25 kg respectively in terms of maximum diameter and weight, after cold extrusion.

We manufacture third party products and we are capable of meeting orders for multipurpose products usable in various industries such as:

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Customised products, pump rotors, hooks, shafts.
BUILDING: Lifting anchors, chisels, lift equipment, fencing equipment.
SPARE PARTS FOR VEHICLES AND AGRICULTURAL MACHINES: Steering heads, gears, tie rods, forks, axle shafts, flanges, gear levers.
TOOLS: Special screws and spanners, pins, UNI 6058/special eyebolts, T-head screws, bolts.
ENERGY INDUSTRY: Brackets, extensions, terminal boards.
RAIL, MARINE AND OIL INDUSTRY: Bolts, bars and gate valves.

MAZZONETTO GINO s.r.l. - P.IVA 01361180126 - Via 1 maggio, 68 - Castelseprio 21050 (VA) Italy info@mazzonettoginosrl.com - Tel. +39 0331 820473